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June 21, 2008


I look for guys who exalt Christ and consider their pragmatics through the lens of scripture.

Secondly, I want a conference where they deliver what they promote and not something that is from their latest book or something that I can get easily elsewhere. Bring me a fresh perspective on the topic. Breakouts are notorious for not talking about what is promoted.

To do this will require that we draw from a wider group of main presenters. There is only so much content that a guy can come up with. When he gets plastered all over the nation at a bunch of conferences, his material gets old soon.

Lastly, provide appropriate space to process what we have heard. Most are hitting the airport in a couple hours and headed back to an office already having to play catch up.

That's a tough question. Like it or not, I think big names in whatever field the conference is about is definitely a draw. I wonder if there could be a way to do a conference simultaneously at several locations, with a big name speaker and breakout sessions at each location, that is able to also leverage via video the speakers at other locations? That would take care of the travel aspect while still providing some good content and sense of community at the conference.

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